Wild Imagination is based in Adelaide and is a SA owned and operated profit for purpose company. It was the imagination of me, Brooke Davis, that brought this crazy fun idea to life. I have a passion for many things… family, thunderstorms, recycling, nature, growing food, rainbows, childhood, laughing tears, books, sustainability, cups of tea with friends, sunshine, beautiful photography and events. 

Bringing more than a few of these passions together, Wild Imagination was established in 2016. At the top of my priority list is being environmentally aware, and encouraging kids to do the same. There was one question constantly niggling in the back of my mind: How are children going to care about the environment and look after our planet if they spend a decreasing amount of time connecting to nature? And if you’ve seen Leo's film “Before The Flood”, or read anything by Richard Louve, you might agree that we need as many environmentally minded people in this world as possible, to get a handle on climate change, and to combat the huge health effects of nature deficit disorder. 


When stats come from the Australian Bureau of Statistics like "watching TV or videos out of school hours remains the most common recreational activity of children aged 5 to 14 years (98% of children)”, I knew something needed to be done.


Wild Imagination started as a school holiday program, because when I was looking at options for school holiday care for my own children, I realised there was a vast deficit of nature in what is offered by many OSHC programs. Plus, the majority of nature based events around Adelaide require parental attendance and supervision, which is not ideal if you are a working parent like me. 


After more than 15 years working in marketing and events, including running my own consultancy for 5 years, I launched Wild Imagination. Because how could I not? The world needs more of this. Kids need more nature in their lives. Less screen time and more green time. The benefits of getting out into nature and inspiring a sense of wonder in our kids goes far beyond the time actually spent in nature.

So that’s where the idea began. With a desire to get more kids immersed in the natural environment, plus offer an alternative to traditional vacation care, where parents could head to work and their children could be at a nature based school holiday program. The idea is that our kids get to spend their school holidays more like we did when we were young; outside, exploring, creating and learning.

Wild Imagination has since expanded to offer nature connection and play activities for schools and childcare centres, and we've been invited to provide nature based activities at many large events like Adelaide Fringe, Science Alive, Kidz Gigantic Day Out and the Caravan and Camping Show. We've also partnered with Adelaide Zoo, multiple local councils and received sponsorship support from a number of wonderful organisations.


In March 2019, I started the journey to publish a nature play activity book for kids, and what a fun learning curve it has been! After a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, the book titled 'Your Wild Imagination' was released on 1 October 2019.  It combines more than 20 activities that have been tried and tested by the thousands of children who have attended the Wild Imagination program over the years. And now many more thousands of children are able to experience the joy of nature play in their homes and classrooms.


I have plans for many more books to bring more nature into our lives. The reason for the book is the same reason why I started Wild Imagination in 2016 - the voice telling me kids need nature and play! A book seemed to be the best way to do that. It's not just for Australian kids. It's not even hemisphere specific. It's for all kids, where ever they might be in geography as well as on their learning and ability journey. It's about using the skills and materials that you have and being aware of your impact on the earth. And it's about connecting to nature through play.


Whether we have met in person or not, and whether you have come along to an event or bought a book or not, thanks for finding this website and for reading this spiel. Your support means so much.


Brooke Davis

© 2020  Your Wild Books.

Formerly Wild Imagination.


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