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I loved Wild Imagination! As a parent holidays can be challenging; trying to find new activities away from screens. My children loved the fact that they had some influence over the direction of the day’s activities rather than having them pre-determined as they might at OHSC. - Holly

This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen created. As much as it would be great for kids to always play outside factors prevent it more than in times past. Safety concerns, busy parents, smaller block size with the increased urban density etc... SO to have this program is a much needed offering to give children a healthy, imaginative play space. I liked the location of the event and I’m happy to see the parklands having an innovative and family friendly fun event on them. I can not wait to return to your fantastic program in the school holidays. - Laura

In a world revolving around technology, it is great to see kids getting out there in a safe environment to explore nature and use their imagination to build and explore. Especially using objects that don’t create the story. It also builds friendships and the courage to work with other kids they don’t know in a team. - Renee

It was a great opportunity to have some outdoor play time and the ratio of adults to children is FAR better than the Vacation Care program we use occasionally. We felt well supported and cared for by Brooke and her team too. Your support of my kiddo’s needs was excellent. He absolutely felt challenged and safe which is a hard balance to strike. - Cat

Wild Imagination was a fabulous event. In today’s society, the need for kids to get back to nature and to use their imagination is so important. Lots of families realise this and provide opportunities for nature play...but to have an event that offers this experience...in a perfect location and set up, was fantastic. It was lovely to see kids just being kids. The calmness of the whole event was quite incredible. Lots of kids playing, but they weren’t yelling and screaming. They were engaged, thinking, problem solving, tinkering and being creative. Well done to the organisers and we look forward to the next one. - Ellen

They loved the outdoor activities, which seemed to be guided by the child’s own ideas and imagination. They told us this was the ‘best vacation care ever!’ We’ll definitely be booking them in for the next program. - Elizabeth

So many different options for play. There was messy play, play that involved fine motor skills, gross motor skills, senses- touch, smell, sight, sound, proprioception, imaginative play. There were quiet spaces, noisy spaces. Children were able to engage in what they were inspired at the time to do. Support staff were wonderful. They knew when to engage with the children and when to leave the children to their own devices. A very important skill. My kids did not want to leave! This was a fantastic event. I even embraced my inner child and jumped in the mud. My daughter only just said to me this morning that i needed to go play in the mud again. A great way to alleviate stress. If it helps me, imagine the benefits it’s having for our children. - Michelle

Wild Imagination offered children the opportunity to be at one with the natural environment, something which is so sadly lacking in the lives of the vast majority of today’s children ...if we want them to love & care for our world they need to experience it in the first hand, in order to know how precious it is ...not via a screen !! - Di

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We asked parents whose children attended Wild Imagination what they thought of us.

Here are just a selection of the comments taken directly from our surveys.